What Sets Us Apart

Established in 1992, Revere Tanning has kept the North Shore Community Tan and Educated for over 20yrs

New location now open at 45 Enon St. Beverly!


Revere Tanning Salon has been owned and operated by Tina and Joe Barresi since 1992.

Our commitment to deliver optimum tanning results in the most advanced tanning equipment possible has never wavered. We strive to serve our clients in a clean, friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere. We consider ourselves a family business where clients of all ages can have a pleasant, non-intimidating tanning experience. We do our best to provide a knowledgeable staff who can direct all clients and help them choose the best tanning agenda that is right for them with no pushy sales tactics. With five levels of tanning, and even sunless tanning, we have something for everyone.

We would like to thank our clients for choosing us as their number one tanning salon!

Our Commitment to Excellence

Revere Tanning believes that moderate tanning, for those who can develop a tan, is the smartest way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the risks associated with too much sunlight.

Appropriate levels of sunlight are different for everyone. But the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning is the same for everyone: Don't ever sunburn.

We are committed to helping you make sense of all the information circulating about ultraviolet light exposure. Learn how to enjoy moderate tanning, based on your skin type, as a life-long activity. Practice intelligent moderation and be critical of information pointing to either extreme. Research and learn, then make an educated decision about what is best for you! *information obtained from Smart Tan, inc.

Please visit the following websites to learn more and make an educated decision for yourself.