New Sun Club Membership


The Sunclub is an EFT membership that saves you money if you decide to tan monthly

Pay a low start up fee, then pay by EFT to tan monthly.

Monthly memberships start at just $19.95 plus tax.

No contracts, unlimited tanning for as long as you want. Sunclub EFT memberships are available at all levels at different prices. This is the most economical way to enjoy our tanning salon.

Top 3 levels enjoy discounted lotions

Find out how you can join the club!

Unlimited Memberships:

If you plan to tan at least 2 or three times a week, the unlimited packages may be best for you. Tan unlimited for one month at a time to build your base tan or just to get your weekly dose of Vitamin D! Let us help you decide which level is best for you.


Sessions Packages

If you plan on just dropping in every now and then or just once a week and do not want to worry about your visits expiring, we can accommodate that also. We have packages for each level for anywhere from 5 to 20 visits that never expire.

Pay as you go

You also have the option of paying for each visit as you go, if that's the way you want to do it.  With 5 levels of tanning we can find just the right level for you!

Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them. Whether you're a year round tanner or a once a year getting ready for vacation tanner, we can provide the perfect schedule and tanning bed or booth for you.

Don't forget our sunless Mystic HD ! It's great by itself or combine it with conventional tanning for the perfect golden glow. See our Sunless page for more info

Please visit our salons for pricing as prices may vary between locations. We also would like to give you a tour of our salon to see firsthand what we have to offer.

All prices posted do not reflect the 10% federal tan tax.